Arch Top Jazz Guitars

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Our Guitars represent the highest point of arch top guitar evolution and sound reproduction. The woods used in the construction of these guitars are exceptional in their tonal characteristics as well as visual beauty.

The backs and sides are cut from the same billet of aged wood, ensuring visual and tonal continuity. Each piece of this wood is tested for lightness, stiffness, sustain, and purity of tone. Our arch top guitars are designed to have an exceptional acoustic response, with strong projection and power in the high end, as well as a deep voice in the bass end. We recomend real wood bindings consisting of, Rosewoods, Lacewood, Maple (curly or plain), or African Blackwood. Soundholes are also bound in wood.

All our arch tops are available in 16", 16 1/2”, 17, and 18” body sizes - in cutaway or non cutaway.

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