Electric Guitars

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Electric guitars are probably the most variable instrument possible when it comes to body shape. Almost any body shape you can dream of I can build (within the limitations of the wood). They can be finished to almost any color imaginable. The information on this page not only includes 6 string solid body guitars, but also solid body bass guitars as well as semi-hollow body guitars and basses too.

I make three models of electric guitars: The flat top electric (a well know example would be the Stratocaster or Telecaster), the arch top electric (a well know example would be the Les Paul), and Semi-Hollow body guitars. One fundamental construction difference is, with flat top guitars I usually recommend neck-through guitars, for arch tops and Semi-Hollow body guitars the neck and body are made separately. The neck-through design gives a much stronger and robust instrument with greater sustain. Because or the angle at which the arch top neck and body are joined, there is no advantage to the neck-through design.

The semi-hollow body model features carved top and back plates with a Honduras Mahogany core. The body is 60% solid, providing excellent sustain without the unnecessary weight of a solid body and without the feedback problems inherent in many acoustic/electrics.

Virtually any good stable hardwood can be used for the body and neck. The key thing here is stability. You donít want to use a wood that is going to have a lot of dimensional changes going on as it ages.

The instrument pictured was made using laminates of Maple and Brazilian Purpleheart. Both woods were chosen for their excellent stability, color and ability to finish to a mirror smooth surface. I use only woods that have been air-dried for several years. For this instrument I chose a fingerboard of black ebony and gold tuning machines and bridge to accent the violet color of the Purpleheart, the pickups are high quality EMG humbuckers.

Solid Body Guitar Picture


6 String Solid Body Guitar

Bass Guitar

6 String Semi-Hollow Body Guitar (for Semi-Hollow Body Bass Guitars email me)