Steel String Flattop Guitars

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A flattop steel string guitar designed for the modern discriminating musician. It is balanced to have bright trebles and clear, deep basses. A guitar that truly sounds great played acoustically, amplified, and for all recording purposes. With a 14 1/4" lower bout and a depth of 4 1/8", it is extremely comfortable to play while being large enough to develop a full, rich sounding bass.

The unique "double-X" bracing of the soundboard and X-bracing of the back is designed to increase the notoriously weak upper harmonics and give the guitar unparalleled carrying power. A guitar that will sound great played softly, yet have enough power to clearly cut through the rest of the band when you want to take a solo. A clear pickguard is standard in order to give a more classical appearance to the instrument.

All of my steel string soundbards have a 25' radius and the backs have a 15' radius. This means that the tops and backs are really not "flat" but are actually slightly spherical in shape. This shape adds a great deal of strengh and helps when the humidity is low and wood shrinks. This means the soundboard and back will be less likely to crack.

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