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Useful Measurements for Luthiers
Violin Building Specifications Table
Viola Building Specifications Table
Cello Building Specifications Table
Martin Guitar Building Specifications Table
Organization Resource
ASIA The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA) was established in 1988 to help provide a sense of community and professionalism to the field of stringed instrument making and repair.
GAL The Guild of American Luthiers is a non-profit educational membership organization, formed in 1972 to advance the craft of string instrument making and repair...
MIMF We invite you to participate on the Musical Instrument Makers Forum, an interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument construction, design and repair.
Luthier's Forum A forum for the interchange of information, ideas, suggestions and materials.
13th Fret Home of the world's most popular acoustic guitar discussion forum.
Lutherie Supply - Wood, Tools, Books, Etc.
Luthiers Mercantile
Allied Lutherie
Industrial Supply - Parts, Tools and Equipment
Wood & Lumber
Colonial Tonewoods
Timbre Tone
Wood Finder
Alaska Specialty Woods
New England Tonewoods - Tazmanian Blackwood and other tonewoods